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Tech Industry Style for Men

My husband just graduated last year and has got a job in the tech industry, as a Networker. In my research it seems Tech industry is rather business casual. In my husbands office there are only a couple of men, including my husband who likes to wear a dress shirt. His attire is nice jeans, dress shoes, dress shirts with no tie. However, my husband, Donald would like to occasionally wear a tie. So I am sharing some cool styles for a techie man.


Business casual with a skinny tie and tie clip

This style is very nice as well.

I stumbled upon a great charity, Est. September 2015. The  Gentleman’s Ride to help spread awareness for prostate cancer.

A guide to men’s shoes and matching shirt and tie patterns. I didn’t realize how hard it was. As we shop, Donald hates all the shirts and ties that I like, and what I think matches, he thinks i’m crazy!

A History of tiesHow to clean a tie.

I love this tie shop.This batman tie bar. And these awesome cufflinks.

Did you struggle with this years daylight savings time? Here is another reason to hate daylight savings time. Be safe everyone, and get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow is my second mid-term. And I’m implementing a cleaning schedule into my daily routine next week. Do you have a cleaning schedule? How do you stay on top of doing it all?