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Married to Mr. Donald Borden. Mommy to Michael & Aaron. And our pets Ludo & Aria standard poodles. I'm a home based dog groomer, paralegal student and entrepreneur. I have an array of different interests that I would like to share with everyone.

Spring Break

It’s Spring Break in Denver! I wanted to post a few fun things to do with kids In Denver.

Denver Children’s Museum

We have a season pass, and I had 4 kids, and 3 adults on my pass so I was able to get Myself, My friend, And all 5 of our kids in. We had a blast!

Barr Lake

we just went there for a short while to walk around, Its a state park, and there is a parking fee. There is a bird sanctuary and they have a bald eagle nest there. Its pretty amazing.

Anythink Library

our library is amazing, and has a ton of activities and events for kids. Plus an Art Studio where they get to play with new technology. I have not experienced that yet.

Other places I really wanted to go, but the price was a bit much:

The Butterfly Pavilion

However April 23rd: Next $5 day

Today is April 1st-April Fools!

And It is Aaron’s Birthday today! He is 5 years old!


He has has been waiting so long for it to finally be his birthday. His older brother Michael’s birthday was 3 weeks ago and last week the last day of school I took cupcakes to his class and he was confused that day wasn’t his real birthday.

We are having a joint birthday party tomorrow to celebrate both of their birthdays with all their friends so today I was thinking I would take him out for a small ice cream.


Heres a list of places that give freebies for your birthday!

These are the places that are close for us.

Sign up @ firehouse subs and get a free sub on your birthday!

Sign up for the Blizzard fan club at Dairy Queen,  and get a free Blizzard on your birthday. (buy one get free coupon for signing up as well.)

Starbucks Free Birthday drink

Although i try to stay away from fast food-there’s an exception for birthdays! Del Taco free birthday meal and premium shake








Happy Easter

Wow it’s Easter all ready! My spring break is coming to a close, and my boys just started their spring break! This will be my first break with the kids as a stay at home mom. So making plans to get out and go hiking and go to the Children’s Museum (we have a membership) And hopefully the Zoo. (If our membership has not expired)

I wanted to share a little style post with you.

Not the best face pic of me! My hair is in the process of fading out the purple I had dyed it. The star earrings I picked up at Walmart, [BTW I have very sensitive earsand cheap jewlery I can only wear for a few hours before my ears start to itch. but NOT with these!! I don’t know if they coated them in something, but I have been wearing these for weeks and my ears are fine!]  and this cardigan is another Walmart find. Plum cami you can find at Forever 21. They are like $1 and some change.



These jeans are from American Eagle Outfitters. I rarely shop at the mall, and expensive stores like that, but my dear husband wanted to spoil me one day, and they had a sale, 2 for $60. However, thrift shops in my area seem to always have jeans from AEO for under $10.  The wool high top flats are Blowfish shoes which I found at a thrift store for under $5

And here is some of the make up I use. I included in the pictures where I bought it, I am pretty frugal when it comes to this stuff, which is why I wanted to share it with you.



Take a chance, and try this challenge

I found this video while doing a project for my English class. I think its incedibly motivating for hobbyist like myself.

The First 20 Hours-How to Learn Any Skill By: Josh Kaufman

This TEDtalk explains how anyone can learn a new skill. Any new skill you want. And a break down of how to go about it.

What skills you like to learn? Please share!

I would like to learn to do watercolors. And Poi.

If you decide to take the challenge, Skillshare is a good place to start. The have a special going on!

If you take the challenge, please share your progress! I would love to see how its going!

Easter is around the corner! I have so many birthdays this month I haven’t even thought about Easter yet! Are you going on a egg hunt? Just your family or community event?

When my kids were really little I was afraid of certain types of candy like jelly beans, and chocolate eggs because I didn’t want them to choke! Instead we filled their eggs with animal crackers.

Alternatives to candy

  • teddy grams
  • sticky hands
  • fruit snacks
  • fake tattoos
  • stickers
  • money
  • barrettes
  • jewelry
  • confetti
  • fish crackers

Ever made Cascarones? My grandmother bought a bunch of these in Dallas. They are Mexican tradition confetti eggs that you crack on each others heads covering them in confetti! They are a lot of fun for everyone!

DIY Cascarones Or maybe you just want to buy them! Watch this video that talks a little about the idea behind them.

Have fun!



Tech Industry Style for Men

My husband just graduated last year and has got a job in the tech industry, as a Networker. In my research it seems Tech industry is rather business casual. In my husbands office there are only a couple of men, including my husband who likes to wear a dress shirt. His attire is nice jeans, dress shoes, dress shirts with no tie. However, my husband, Donald would like to occasionally wear a tie. So I am sharing some cool styles for a techie man.


Business casual with a skinny tie and tie clip

This style is very nice as well.

I stumbled upon a great charity, Est. September 2015. The  Gentleman’s Ride to help spread awareness for prostate cancer.

A guide to men’s shoes and matching shirt and tie patterns. I didn’t realize how hard it was. As we shop, Donald hates all the shirts and ties that I like, and what I think matches, he thinks i’m crazy!

A History of tiesHow to clean a tie.

I love this tie shop.This batman tie bar. And these awesome cufflinks.

Did you struggle with this years daylight savings time? Here is another reason to hate daylight savings time. Be safe everyone, and get a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow is my second mid-term. And I’m implementing a cleaning schedule into my daily routine next week. Do you have a cleaning schedule? How do you stay on top of doing it all?




I’m Michelle! also known as Shelly

Hi! I’m Michelle, or Shelly. I used to keep an arts & crafts blog years ago on As I do some reading up on beginning a blog, the first thing I read, is to get a subject. I decided to do it my way! I just have too many interests that I try to work into my life, to narrow it all down to one subject. So Welcome! I hope you all find this an entertaining, fun place to come.

About me: I have been a dog groomer since I was 18. I am now 30, and I recently quit my job at PetSmart. My husband was the stay at home parent since our boys (Michael & Aaron) were born. He has now graduated for computer networking, and now its my turn to go back to school. So we have changed roles, and I am now the stay at home parent, and going to school for an associates in Paralegal. I have since also began my own home based dog grooming business. Shelly’s Grooming, and because I love arts and crafts, and have always wanted to open my own shop I started Zefira. Where so far I have hand knit and crocheted items. This new found freedom I have I plan to make the most of it, and accomplish many things I have a passion for.

Where does your blog name come from? I like the color black, i would call it my signature color. This is my adaptation of a mom blog that doesnt fit in with the other “mom blogs” i’m used to. I am not perfect and well organized (continued on next question…)

What kind of blog is this? This is not a traditional mom blog. But I am a stay at home mom and I wanted to share the experience. I am so new to all of this and I feel like i’m in over me head sometimes. I love it more than anything, I have wanted to be the stay at home parent for such a long time because I love my kids more than anything and want to spend this short period in their lives with them.

Michael. First day of 1st grade
Aaron. First of pre-school

I also have many hobbies and interests and snarky opinions.

I stick to a tight budget, I hate to cook and clean, and I don’t have time to DIY my own “green” cleaners. I would rather learn a new knit pattern. I don’t have time to make complex meals with a thousand ingredients I don’t have. I want to help make life easier so we have more time for fun and inspiration.

What kind of mom am I? because this is a mom blog…I just want to raise my boys to be healthy, smart, independent, well rounded, humble, well mannered, gentleman, ambitious, happy and (I wrote a perfect post for this and I lost it, now I can’t remember everything.)

What are my Hobbies? Knitting, crochet, shrink plastic, reading, T.V. (I say T.V. because I am completely obsessed with a few shows I re watch over and over.) gaming, blogging,

Where do I live? Denver, Colorado.

What pets do I have? River the ball python. Indica the leopard gecko. Aria and Ludo the standard poodles.

preferred genre? I like humor, fantasy, sci-fi, vampy, wolfy, erotica, [manga genras] ecchi, yuri

favorite reads? Twilight! Sookie Stackhouse series [HBO’s True Blood] manga, graphic novels, fan fiction, blogs, memoirs

favorite T.V.? Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost Girl, Firefly, Gotham, Arrow, Daredevil

favorite drinks? Coffee, Tea, energy drinks, fireball, margaritas, bud light spicy tomato, bloodymary, [okay, now that you all think i’m an alcoholic, I think I was craving an alcoholic beverage tonight.]

favorite sweets? salted caramel anything. brownies, DOTS, buttermilk doughnuts, truffles,

favorite music? indie genre, anything I can dance to. techno work out type music. dub step, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Lindsey Stirling

I hope you all enjoyed my questionnaire, and got to know a little more about me! Feel free to ask me questions and talk to me. Or share some of your faves with me too. I have a lot of favorites that are not listed because I just couldn’t think of them as I was writing. Or to gush with me about our shared love of things, or if you want to share your blog with me and other readers!!!

It’s about that time for Easter and spring breaks. We have 4 birthday kids this weekend to celebrate with, so I will be very busy! I will see you next week! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


[I’m most probably breaking some rule I found these images on Google Image search.]

Also I didn’t mention, I’m personally more wicca/pagan I haven’t defined myself. I also celebrate the regular known holidays like everyone else, I don’t force it on anyone, just a little personal faith here and there. And soon a section for those who like that stuff too.