Spring Break

It’s Spring Break in Denver! I wanted to post a few fun things to do with kids In Denver.

Denver Children’s Museum

We have a season pass, and I had 4 kids, and 3 adults on my pass so I was able to get Myself, My friend, And all 5 of our kids in. We had a blast!

Barr Lake

we just went there for a short while to walk around, Its a state park, and there is a parking fee. There is a bird sanctuary and they have a bald eagle nest there. Its pretty amazing.

Anythink Library

our library is amazing, and has a ton of activities and events for kids. Plus an Art Studio where they get to play with new technology. I have not experienced that yet.

Other places I really wanted to go, but the price was a bit much:

The Butterfly Pavilion

However April 23rd: Next $5 day

Today is April 1st-April Fools!

And It is Aaron’s Birthday today! He is 5 years old!


He has has been waiting so long for it to finally be his birthday. His older brother Michael’s birthday was 3 weeks ago and last week the last day of school I took cupcakes to his class and he was confused that day wasn’t his real birthday.

We are having a joint birthday party tomorrow to celebrate both of their birthdays with all their friends so today I was thinking I would take him out for a small ice cream.


Heres a list of places that give freebies for your birthday!

These are the places that are close for us.

Sign up @ firehouse subs and get a free sub on your birthday!

Sign up for the Blizzard fan club at Dairy Queen,  and get a free Blizzard on your birthday. (buy one get free coupon for signing up as well.)

Starbucks Free Birthday drink

Although i try to stay away from fast food-there’s an exception for birthdays! Del Taco free birthday meal and premium shake








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