Take a chance, and try this challenge

I found this video while doing a project for my English class. I think its incedibly motivating for hobbyist like myself.

The First 20 Hours-How to Learn Any Skill By: Josh Kaufman

This TEDtalk explains how anyone can learn a new skill. Any new skill you want. And a break down of how to go about it.

What skills you like to learn? Please share!

I would like to learn to do watercolors. And Poi.

If you decide to take the challenge, Skillshare is a good place to start. The have a special going on!

If you take the challenge, please share your progress! I would love to see how its going!

Easter is around the corner! I have so many birthdays this month I haven’t even thought about Easter yet! Are you going on a egg hunt? Just your family or community event?

When my kids were really little I was afraid of certain types of candy like jelly beans, and chocolate eggs because I didn’t want them to choke! Instead we filled their eggs with animal crackers.

Alternatives to candy

  • teddy grams
  • sticky hands
  • fruit snacks
  • fake tattoos
  • stickers
  • money
  • barrettes
  • jewelry
  • confetti
  • fish crackers

Ever made Cascarones? My grandmother bought a bunch of these in Dallas. They are Mexican tradition confetti eggs that you crack on each others heads covering them in confetti! They are a lot of fun for everyone!

DIY Cascarones Or maybe you just want to buy them! Watch this video that talks a little about the idea behind them.

Have fun!




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